Work experience

2021-nowAssistant professor, PRISME, Polytech Orléans, Université d'Orléans (France)
Experimental fluid mechanics
Interaction of wakes, wakes of wind turbines and wind farms
Flow control using data-driven approaches, feedback control and machine learning
Experimental techniques:
PIV, hotwire/hotfilm anemometry,

Control and optimization
Feedback control conception,
machine learning optimization

Fluid mechanics:
turbulence, turbulent boundary layer, APG,
flow control, CFD simulations
2020-2021Postdoctoral researcher, LHEEA, École Centrale de Nantes, Nantes (France)
Turbulent boundary condition for floating offshore wind turbine simulation
2018-2020Postdoctoral researcher, ONERA, Toulouse (France)
Adaptive feedback control of a morphing wing for drag reduction.
European project SMS (Smart Morphing and Sensing)

Design of feedback controllers using a dynamical nonlinear oscillator. Open-loop study of the flow stabilization with lift and pressure sensors. Design and implementation of adaptive feedback controllers for the reduced scale morphing wing.
2016-2018Postdoctoral researcher, LTRAC, University of Calgary (Canada)
Machine learning control of a fluidic pinball by rotating cylinder.

Design of an experimental fluidic pinball with 3 rotating cylinders in a compact wind-tunnel. Open-loop study of the wake stabilization with PIV 2D-2C and hot-wire sensors. Design and implementation of genetic programming for the optimization of the control strategies.
2011-2015PhD, LML, École Centrale de Lille, Lille (France)
Closed-loop control of separated turbulent boundary layers.

Development of robust controllers for the control of separation of thick turbulent boundary layers at high Reynolds numbers. Open-loop study of the reattachment of the flow with simultaneous measurements PIV 2D-2C / hot-film sensors. Implementation of optimal and robust controllers for the closed-loop control.
2011Master thesis, RENAULT, Aubevoye (France)
Thermal ventilation under the car hood.

Transient phenomena of ventilation under the hood with numerical and experimental approachs. Numerical simulations with the software Powerflow, with a LatticeBoltzmann method, coupled with others thermal simulation software.


2015PhD in Mechanics, LML, École Centrale de Lille (France)
Closed-loop control of separated turbulent boundary layers.
maths, physics, mechanics,
automatic, electronics,
electrical science, data and
signal processing

associate professor for 3
years during the thesis
(Fluids Mechanics and
Thermodynamics courses).

2011Master's degree in Engineering, École Centrale de Lille (France)
Mechanics – Fluids Mechanics – Turbulence / Research
Master of Science, University of Lille
Mechanical Sciences and Engineering (parallel to the engineering school)
2008Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles
with honors ( A+ – « Très bien » )
with honors ( A+ – « Très bien » - European mention )


LanguagesEnglish, working knowledge in English, TOIEC 890/990 in 2009.
French, mother tongue.
Italian, good skills, frequent language stays, special mention for baccalaureate.
Japanese, for 2 years, basic notions.
analysis of experimental data, CFD, mechanical parts design, elec. cards conception

Association president:
team management, responsabilities
ProgrammingUbuntu, Windows, Office, LibreOffice, LaTex, emacs, gnuplot, Catia V5, Matlab/Octave, C/C++, Python, Fluent, StarCCM+, Powerflow, Drupal.
HobbiesTheater, for 20 years, president of the Centrale Lille theater association. Stage director for 4 plays. Participation in student and professional festivals.
Others, films, reading, jogging, Asian and Japanese culture, piano, accordeon.