CURRENTLY : assistant professor at Polytech Orléans

PREVIOUSLY : equivalent of 339 hours (equivalent “Practice” in the French system) done :
– teaching assistant (“monitorat”) for two years at École Centrale de Lille (2012-2014)
– temporary assistant professor (“ATER”) at École Centrale de Lille (2014-2015)
– teaching assistant (“vacations”) at École Centrale de Nantes (2020-2021)

École Centrale de Nantes (2020-2021)

Fluid physics and dynamics16hING1TPEuler's jet, aerodynamics around a cylinder, laminar/turbulent flow in pipes, pressure drops, nozzles, flow visualization
Experimental hydrodynamics12hING3/M2TP Analysis of turbulent boundary layers properties using hot-wire anemometry

(legend) ING1: 1st year Centrale, ING3: 3rd year Centrale, M2: Master 2 OCEAN [link], TP : Practical work.

École Centrale de Lille (2011-2015)

Fluid Mechanics introduction28hING1C/TDContinuum mechanics, Fluids static (Hydrostatic, Archimedes, Atmospheric equilibrium), Fluids kinematics (Lagrange/Euler), Bernouilli's principle, Euler's equations
12hEDC/TDPoint mechanics, Solid mechanics, Continuum mechanics, Fluids static (Hydrostatic, Archimedes, Atmospheric equilibrium)
Thermodynamics24hING1TDThermodynamics principles, Thermodynamics cycles (petrol, diesel, gas, steam, refrigiration)
Aero-hydro dynamics32hING2TDEuler's equations, Euler's jet, pressure drops, similarities for pumps
Fluid Energetics24hING2C/TDThermodynamics machines, Wind turbines (structure, Betz's limit, horizontal and vertical axis, exploitation), terrestrial hydraulic energies (facilities, sizes and types of dams), marine hydraulic energies (tidal power, marine current power).
Aerodynamics for transportation10hING2TDDrag and lift coefficients, similarities. Compressible flows, de Laval nozzle.
High-speed transportation10hING2TDFriction, drag and lift coefficients, similarities. Compressible flows, de Laval nozzle.
PIV initiation12hING2TPIntroduction to the technique, image correlations, velocity fields analysis, practical works on different geometries (cylinder, plane plate, airfoil, etc.)

(legend) ING1: 1st year Centrale, ING2: 2nd year Centrale , ED : Double diploma EDHEC/Centrale, C: Lectures, TD : Tutorials, TP : Practical work.